IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing in our terms is a long-term relationship between the customer and the IT administrator. Together we improve the IT environment and the functioning of the entire company. We are always based on your specific needs and the scope of services we provide is tailored to make everything work as a whole. We involve you in the design and creation of the infrastructure from the start so you know what's going on and where your money is going at all times.

Benefits of IT outsourcing

+ You don't need to take care of anything. We will solve all your ICT problems 

+ Your IT infrastructure will be overseen by a group of coordinated professionals 

+ You will save unnecessary costs for the operation of IT section 

+ Reaction time in accordance with service contract guaranteed

What will we do for you

+ We'll provide you a custom hardware and software sollution 

+ We'll prevent long outages and ensure the running of your computers, servers, printers and IT systems 

+ We'll provide you with expert advice  

+ We'll help you improve processes and ICT operating costs 

+ We'll teach you, how to effectively use IT 

+ We'll perform a security audit in accordance with GDPR and recommend a procedure of sollutions for identified deficiencies 

+ Your data will be regularly backed up

Leave the responsibility for your IT infrastructure to us and use the saved time
and money for your business growth