Websites and integration solutions

In order to be able to supply you with applications and IT services with the greatest possible added value, we decided to add development services to them.

In our team of developers, we focus on services and products associated with the activity of Mlejnek Consulting so that the customer receives a comprehensive, unique product with the greatest possible added and useful value. 

For our customers, we create solutions for the presentation of companies on the web, integration solutions of ERP systems as well as separate systems that connect applications and bring solutions and savings.

Company website

+ Complete process from design to website implementation for customers

+ Graphic and UX designer work

+ After testing, we deploy the website in the agreed environment, secure it, set up emails, notifications on the website and finalize the certificates

+ We will manage and maintain a working, tested website for you in the long term, safe and functional

Interconnection of systems, ERP

+ We will connect your ERP system with another system such as: CAD, Eshop, Hotel system, production systems, MES, WMS...

+ We will equip the ERP system with modules for you, we will prepare specific views in ERP, forms, custom modifications

+ Our web specialists will create a customized portal for you according to your needs. 

+ With the help of our IT specialists, we will operate everything for you, keep it safe and perfectly functional

Information systems for data collection and evaluation

+ Connection to the customer's system, design, processes, workflow

+ Modular component development system, current development, modern development environment React, Next, PHP..

+ Modular system, architecture

Our clients have trusted us for many years


Cooperation with Mr. Mlejnek has been going on for three years. The transition to the external provision of IT services was a step into the unknown for us, but now we can say that we managed it together. We appreciate a human, personal approach and fair dealing. "

David Dostál

Progress Cycle


We are working with M.C. for more than 5 years. The transition to outsourcing IT services was a step for us, which we considered a lot internally, compared to internal IT, but now we can say that we did well. We appreciate the perfect knowledge of the digital cinema environment, personal approach, constant availability of administrators and the provision of security audits for Disney and TPN. "

Dušan Šulla

Digital Cinema United

We have been cooperating with Mlejnek Consulting for at least five years. Our questions and requirements are always processed carefully, and processing deadlines are met. We value the proactive approach the most, and every year we see an effort to improve at least a small improvement in the quality of cooperation.

Marek Rubáš