ERP System implementation and administration

During our 10-year experience we’ve been taking care of plenty of ERP Systems from the IT administrator position. We’ve seen a wide variety of companies from mercantile to production and other, and their various ERP implementation levels. As we were improving our knowledge in administration and ERP processes, we started helping with their implementation untill we came to two which we know the best. A team of certified consultants and managers is ready to help and furtherly implement one of the most advanced ERP system for you: Helios iNuvio.

The biggest benefit from our company is that we will implement the ERP system completely from IT infrastructure, through accounting, market, and logistics to production. You will be sure that you can rely on us with support and solving an infrastructure or any other problem.

ERP System implementation

+ We'll analyse processes in your company and we'll design and implement ERP System HELIOS Orange

+ We'll ensure a data migration from the previous ERP system if it's into HELIOS iNuvio

+ You will save unnecessary costs for unnecessary ERP modules and unfunctional implementations or processes 

+ We guarantee 100% functionality, exceptional communication skills of our team and data security on a new ERP

ERP administration and customization

+ Our consultants are ready to provide support with HELIOS Orange or ABRA Gen ERP Systems

We will manage your system to be updated on the legislative as well as on the functional side

+ We'll prevent long-lasting outages and ensure the run of ERP System

+ We'll arrange a system backup

+ We'll deal with problems related to support processes

+ We'll teach you, how to effectively use IT system and we''ll instruct new users 

+ We'll perform a security audit in accordance with GDPR and suggest a process of problem-solving

+ We'll set notifications and workflow processes

Leave the responsibility for implementation and run of ERP to us and use the saved time
and money for your business growth