A few words about us

Mlejnek Consulting was established in 2014, and from the very beginning we have set ourselves the goal of providing quality services and focusing on long-term reliable and economically sustainable solutions. Our work and the products we offer are based on our more than fifteen years of experience in IT, product development and services.

We provide our customers with complete IT services. We will take care of computers, users, servers, implement working SW, including ERP, stretch cables, connect you to perfect WiFi and secure everything.

If IT is working for you, we can offer you IT Audit, risk analysis or assistance with the implementation of ISO 27001.

One of the most important specializations that we are proud of is ERP Systems. We will guide you through the implementation of the ERP system from the beginning to the introduction of accounting or production. We are specialists in HELIOS iNuvio from Asseco Solution.


We have an extensive knowledge based on practice in many diverse companies. Thanks to this, we quickly and easily identify and solve possible difficulties in project management and information technology development. We focus on IT / ICT consulting primarily on IT security, software development and development, hardware purchasing and IT optimization in processes. We actively improve the IT knowledge of employees in companies.

When managing the entrusted IT infrastructure, we provide services with a “human face” and we do everything for your maximum satisfaction. Our goal is to make your IT infrastructure work efficiently. We can really find the right solution for everyone.

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