SW and HW management

To ensure a smooth run of an IT infrustructure in a company can be a bit challenging. Especially when it's about a computer network with a large number of computers. Register of hardware and software licenses, workstation monitoring, service. All this can be really demanding. Leave the infrastructure management to us and invest your saved time and money in your business.

We are experts in computer management. We are helping companies and tradesmen to solve problems related to the IT infrastructure service for several years.

What will we do for you

+ We will help you pick the right SW and HW.

+ We'll provide delivery of SW, new and refurbished computers.

+ We will help you build a safe corporate network.

+ We will make sure that your computers, servers, printers and other IT equipment work without problems.

+ We'll provide warranty and post-warranty service.

+ We'll take care of the installation of software and regular updates.

+ We'll reduce the costs needed to run the infrastructure.

+ We'll be happy to advise on any problem related to ICT.

IT under control. Contact us and we'll take care of it for you.