Summary of our services

We will take care of the smooth running of your servers, computers and other IT equipment. We will prepare hardware and software solutions that will make your work easier. We will secure your data against loss or misuse. We will provide you with professional advice. We will become a partner, you can always rely on.

We have many years of experience with IT management in small and large companies. We use the most modern technologies for work, thanks to which we are able to eliminate possible failures to a minimum and shorten the reaction time. Our technicians are fully available to solve all your requirements.


The IT infrastructure in your company will be supervised by a team of well-coordinated professionals from Mlejnek Consulting.

SW and HW management

We will oversee the smooth operation of your computers, servers, printers and other IT equipment.

Consultation and analysis

We will help you find the best solution to your ICT problem. Our specialists
will be happy to discuss any of your questions or concerns with you.

Audit IT / Processes

We will prepare a comprehensive overview of the state of hardware and software in your company and we will help you save costs
for the operation of ICT.

Security audit

We will review security policies, external approaches, internal security, backup system and other areas depending on
on your situation and needs.

Cloud services

We specialize mainly in cloud services Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. But we also manage other solutions, including tailor-made one

We've been here for you
for 7 years
We bring processes
to IT management
We improve the IT knowledge of your employees
We take care of small customers and large corporations