Consultation, miniaudit IT

Does a tech guy command you how should your company work? Does he force you without explanation into various sollutions, which you don’t know, whether they‘re the best or not? Are you not sure, whether it’s necessary and useful?

At the introductory meeting we’ll analyse the condition of your IT. We are great listeners, we things in context, we talk “normal people“ language. That’s why we’ll propose a budget friendly sollution which corresponds with the needs of your business.

We‘ll help you with processes, security and legislation in IT. We’ll help you reduce the costs for ICT as well as use the IT infrastructure efficiently. We’ll always find the best sollution for your company and business. Our specialists are glad to consult any kind of problem or question with you.

Thanks to consultations with us:

+ We'll identificate any unnecessary and expensive technology

+ We'll identificate security risks

+ We'll point out a possibility of data leak


You will prevent a security risk

+ You will invest better into ICT

+ You will have everything treated in accordance with the legislation

+ You will gain a competitive advantage

+ You will recieve a feedback from an independent adviser

Do you want to know, which sollution is the best one for you? Contact us!